09/22/20 UPDATE: Important Updates & Information

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This page will contain important information and updates as information becomes available. Additional resources include our athletics department twitter  Twitter account [@lbcc_ad] and facebook  Facebook [/lbccroadrunnerathletics]. If you have questions we will do our best to respond to inquiries mark.majeski@linnbenton.edu.

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Required NWAC Student-Athlete Covid-19 Education

  • All LB student-athletes must complete this educational training. Go here to view the presentation. Please note that at the end of the presentation you will be prompted to click to a form to certify your completion. 



Slide Deck from 9/22/20




8/18/20 Online Information / Q&A Session #1

  • The first of three (3) live Information / Q&A Sessions hosted by the Athletics Department.
  • Apologies for the problem with the live stream to YouTube.

Video Recording:

 Slide Deck only:

NWAC information for student-athletes (download here):
nwac info sheet


  • 8/3/20
    • The LB Athletics department will host a series of live Q&A / Information sessions leading up to the start of Fall term. The dates for these Zoom events are August 18, September 8 and September 22. Times and links are TBA. The purpose of these sessions is to report the latest updates and information about returning to campus and athletics activities and to allow student-athletes and families to ask questions or address any concerns about the upcoming year. 
  • 7/9/20 (updated 7/24/20)
  • The NWAC has released its plan for the 2020-21 academic year. Fall sports, with the exception of cross country and golf, will move to the winter and spring terms. Details here
    More information and communications will be forthcoming. Here is a quick overview of the implications of the NWAC announcement: 
    • All Fall sports, with the exception of Cross Country and Golf, have been delayed until Winter/Spring quarters.
    • Teams may, with approval of campus and local health authority, conduct athletics "out of season" activities during the Fall term, including team sport classes, strength & conditioning classes and team practices permitted by NWAC rules.
    • No out of season activities will begin before the start of Fall classes.
    • Volleyball: official practice to begin late February and the season concludes at the end of Spring term.
    • Basketball:official practice to begin in mid-January and season concludes mid-May.
    • Baseball: official practice to begin mid-February and season concludes at the end of May.
    • Phased return: a phased approach will be required to include quarantine, small group and finally return to full practice/full team.
  • Obviously, the health, wellness and safety of everyone is our first priority. There will be different ways to do things upon your arrival / return to campus. We will provide you with information, education and specific details on these changes as we approach the Fall term. We are committed to safely providing student-athletes with a meaningful experience at LB during this unconventional time.
    We encourage you to enroll in Fall term classes and take a full time credit load. We want to ensure you continue progress toward degree completion. Many LB classes are online for the Fall; however, there will be face-to-face classes, including our sport-specific activity classes and our athletics strength & conditioning classes. We realize that fall registration has been a bit challenging, but we appreciate your patience and diligence to make sure you get your Fall classes situated. 
  • LB will be releasing information soon with details related to each sport program.
  • 5/30/20
      During this time we are holding to the principles of:  1) Decisions need to be timely and more importantly thoughtful.  Specific to COVID -19, we are not going to rush decisions just because we have people clamoring for a decision yesterday; 2) Do what is in the best interest of the team (our student-athletes).  The dilemma of COVID-19 no one can control.  We have a responsibility to help student-athletes learn how to navigate through extremely difficult times in competition and more importantly in life; 3) Listen first, then communicate clearly and consistently.  Often times in a situation such as this, the tendency is to speak first.  Speaking wisely is more important.    Our message needs to be simple, clear, practical, and honest; 4) Planning needs to be early, sound yet flexible, comprehensive, and provides short and long term solutions.  Wise planning takes into account the known and works towards identifying the unknown.  You don't want our answers today to create problems for tomorrow. Read more

  • 4/20/20
  • 4/17/20
  • 4/8/20
    • All LB Learning Center resoures are now available remotely! You can even make appointments via the Learning Center website
  • 4/6/20
  • 4/4/20
    • Great article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed about coping with these unprecedented times. Three keys: 1) Secuity; 2) Mental Shift; 3) Embracing New Normal.  View the article here
    • NWAC UPDATE and information on four-year transfers (more information being developed along with a F.A.Q. sheet):
      • Currently all collegiate athletic associations are maintaining their academic standards. NWAC will continue to monitor any academic changes coming from the 4-year associations while reviewing NWAC academic standards to best help advise student-athletes in their academic and athletic endeavors.

        As was shared with you yesterday, I was to receive word from our NCAA liaison with more information regarding eligibility issues. Following is a synopsis of information I received and discussed with our Two-Year liaison:

        NCAA Division I:  NCAA institutions cannot self-apply relief for student-athletes who were competing for other organizations (for example, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, National Junior College Athletic Association, California Community College Athletic Association, Northwest Athletic Conference) during 2019-20. The NCAA institution is required to submit a season-of-competition waiver or extension request through RSRO for review by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff.

        NWAC Comment: It will be up to the receiving 4-year institution to do the waiver for our NWAC student-athletes who were affected by the COVID-19 situation. As of now, there is no extra paper work that NWAC provides NCAA schools that identifies these spring sport student-athletes. Please note all current NCAA academic standards for a transfer to D1 still are in place. It is important these transfer student-athletes are having conversations with the compliance officer of the institution they wish to transfer.
      • NCAA Division II:  The DII Administrative committee also confirmed that the rules and decisions made by other divisions and organizations (e.g. NAIA and junior colleges) regarding use of a season in spring 2020 would follow the student-athlete upon transfer.

        NWAC Comment: There looks to be no waiver process needed for transfer to D2. All current academic standards for a transfer to D2 are still in place. Please encourage transfer student-athletes to have conversations with the compliance officer of the institution they wish to transfer.

      • NCAA Division III:  A transfer student-athlete's season of participation is subject to the legislation that applied at their previous institution. This would include any waivers of participation that were provided by the applicable division or governing body. Therefore, any waiver/decision made by another division or governing organization (e.g. NAIA and junior colleges) regarding use of a season of participation in spring 2020 would follow the student-athlete upon transfer.

        NWAC Comment: NWAC may create a waiver template to be used for transfer students who wish to attend a D3 School. It may be that when NWAC colleges receives transfer information from D3 schools, within the paperwork, notice should be given that the SA was given a waiver by the NWAC school. Make sure these transfer student-athletes are having conversations with the compliance officer of the institution they wish to transfer.


  • 4/2/20
    • LB Athletics Virtual "Office Hours" for student-athletes and families from Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 10:00 am PDT. Stay tuned for additiounal Virtual Office Hours Updates. Unfortunately, I forgot to start the recording on time, but here is the last half of the meeting including our general guidance and some Q&A. VIDEO LINK You can also view the entire slide deck here
      vid replay
  • 4/1/20
  • 3/30/20

    • Information related to NCAA Division I ruling on Monday, March 30, 2020 (from the NWAC office):

      The NCAA D1 Council voted to approve a blanket waiver for all student-athletes competing in spring sports. It will be up to NWAC individual schools to determine their ability to honor the additional year and considerations for athletic grant in aids and roster management for 20-21. 

      In the case of community college transfers, an NCAA Council source confirmed the guidance that will be sent to coaches. A sophomore in junior college will arrive at a Division I institution as a junior this fall. However, the D1 institution reserves the right to submit a waiver request to NWAC on the athlete's behalf to get that year back. More information coming soon.

    • Additional information courtesy of InformedAthlete.com:

      Academic Eligibility for Junior College Transfers
      Current junior college athletes who choose to stay at the junior college level for a second season of playing eligibility next year in their 3rd year of college should keep a few points in mind:

      Academic eligibility upon transfer to an NCAA program often depends upon the number of semesters that an athlete attended a junior college as a full-time student. Attending a two-year college for an additional year or semester could possibly have negative consequences on academic eligibility when a junior college athlete transfers to join an NCAA athletic program.

      Eligibility upon transfer to an NCAA program also depends upon the number of credit hours earned during the last semester of full-time attendance at the junior college, as well as how many of those credit hours will be accepted as transferable credit at the NCAA university.

  • 3/21/20 
    • Eligibility Information from the NWAC Office (note: this is a complex issue and the NWAC continues to monitor what is happening at the NCAA, NAIA and other levels.)

      *Freshman Eligibility Statement

      A freshman spring sport student-athlete who was certified via winter quarter 2020 eligibility report, is still a freshmen athletically winter quarter 2021.  There are no requirements for previous quarter, GPA, or total credits earned.

      *Sophomore Eligibility Statement

      A sophomore spring 2020 student-athlete who was certified via winter quarter 2020 eligibility report is still a sophomore athletically winter quarter 2021. There is no requirement for previous quarter requirement, but must have a 2.0 GPA and pass 36 credits.

      *Freshmen and sophomore spring student-athletes who were not certified via the winter quarter 2020 eligibility report can meet the 10 credit previous quarter requirement by passing 10 credits in the winter 2020, or a total of 10 combined credits between the spring, summer, and fall 2020 quarters to be eligible for winter 2021. Sophomores also need to meet the 2.0 GPA and 36 credits accumulated requirements. 

  • 3/17/20 | 11:30 a.m.
    • Update from the NWAC Office- March 17,11:20am: "The Northwest Athletic Conference has decided to cancel all spring sport competition and NWAC Championship events, effective immediately. This is a decision that we do not take lightly but in consultation with the NWAC Executive Board, member colleges, and other conferences, NWAC believes it makes the most sense.  It is our desire to do our part to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the interest of the health and well-being of our student-athletes, school personnel, and our fans.  We have student-athletes who are having to make significant decisions in a short and crowded time space."
    • Here is a link to the NWAC F.A.Q. page
  • 3/15/20 | 1:30 p.m.
    The NWAC has published a F.A.Q. sheet for member institutions, student-athletes, parents and others that may have questions. 

      On Friday March 12, 2020, the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) announced that effectively immediately that spring sports season has been cancelled until April 13, 2020.  Shortly thereafter, Jay Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington ordered among other things activity restrictions for all statewide public and private universities, colleges, community colleges and technical schools, private career schools and apprenticeship training programs.  His proclamation prohibits all public and private universities, colleges, technical schools, apprenticeship programs, and similar schools and programs from conducting in-person classes in all counties of Washington State.  Additionally he has banned all events of 250 or larger for the state of Washington through April 24.  As these are unprecedented times, there are many questions on the minds of student-athletes and their families.  NWAC has put together the following FAQ page to help provide answers and will be updated as we receive information.  WE also understand that new information may be bring more questions and we will work diligently to keep information updated.

      What spring sports are affected by the postponement of spring sports?

      The regular seasons of Baseball, M/W Golf, Softball, M/W Tennis, and M/W Golf programs have been postponed.  Thursday March 3/12 NWAC cancelled the M/W Basketball Championship Tournaments.

      Does the Governor's date of resuming of activities on 4/24 affect the NWAC's position of resuming 4/13?

      Presently the NWAC office is looking into this and as soon as the NWAC has answer that information will be disseminated.  This may be a decision that is left up to Member Colleges. Again, once we have an answer information will be forthcoming.

      Does this affect practices?

      While the NWAC made the decision to postpone spring sports competition, it will be up to each member college to follow their administration's guidelines regarding on campus activities. If teams do practice, it is imperative to follow the CDC guidelines on social distancing and other preventative measures.   NWAC has no authority on the decisions made by Member Colleges regarding the delivery of instruction.  Again, the proclamation from Governor Inslee is that in-person classes are prohibited.  Athletic departments are encouraged to be creative and find multiple ways to keep their student-athletes engaged and enrolled. It is our hope that coaches and AD's will help our athletes feel connected to your school during this difficult time.

      Does this affect current recruiting efforts this year for next year?

      NWAC believes that to be consistent with efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19, that all attempts to bring recruits on campus should cease immediately and not resume until 4/25/20.

      Will NWAC spring championships be held?

      The ultimate decision on whether championships will be held will be determined at a later date.  As this issue continues to evolve, there is no date as to when that decision will be made.  The chairs of each spring sport have been asked to work with their committees towards a return to play modified schedule.  Those schedules may or may not include championship events.

      How does the postponement of spring sports affect student-athletes eligibility?

      The morning of Friday March 13 our office made contact with our two-year contact at the NCAA office and he is working with the NCAA Eligibility council representing our two-year conferences on student-athletes eligibility.  Later in the day it was announced that in principle, the NCAA Council leadership agreed that eligibility relief is appropriate for all D1 student-athletes who participated in spring sports.  Details of eligibility relief will be finalized at a later time.  It is our sense is that is a step in the right direction, but it will take time before it filters down to our level.  NWAC is fully aware of the significance of this issue for our student-athletes, parents, coaches, etc.  We will continue to have discussions with our peer conferences and other officials to get answers as soon as possible.   Those answers will be shared via our website and our member colleges as soon as they become known. 

      What about the hardship rule?

      The NWAC will extend the medical hardship rule from 20% to 60% for spring sports athletes  member colleges cancel their spring sports and/or the NWAC cancel the spring sport season before the limit is reached, Student-Athletes will not be charged a year of eligibility.  Please note this would be specific to the NWAC and we will work with the NCAA to see if they will honor our efforts.

      What about the rescheduling of the Men's and Women's Basketball Championship Tournaments?

      After scheduling, making arrangements, and setting up two facilities, and both times the tournament being cancelled, there will be no 2020 Men's & Women's Basketball Championship Tournaments.  Unfortunately no champion will be declared for either tournament.

  • 3/13/20 | 12:15 p.m.
    • The NWAC office release the following statement:

      "To: NWAC Athletic Commissioners

      Fr: Marco Azurdia, Executive Director, NWAC

      Re: Spring Sports Update, COVID-19

      Date: 3/13/2020

      The NWAC continues to monitor the spread and the increasing number of COVID-19 cases throughout the country specifically in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the impact it is having on our member institutions, and our athletic programs.

      After having many discussions with collegiate conference leaders, state leaders, and the NWAC Executive Board, we are following CDC guidelines. In an abundance of caution to prevent community spread of COVID-19 into communities, we have made a difficult decision. Effective immediately the Northwest Athletic Conference has suspended all spring sports competition until April 13, 2020.

      Reasons for the decision include:

      - Some schools have already informed me that they have cancelled spring sports and/or spring travel.
      - Spring sports postponement or full cancellations are happening daily at all collegiate levels.
      - This time frame gives us time to work with sports committee chairs/committees to work on a plan if spring sports resume on a modified schedule.
      - This gives commissioners an opportunity to talk with their student-athletes so that all are aware of the position from which we are working.
      - Hopefully on the medical front in four weeks there may be a better handle on COVID-19.

      While the NWAC is making this decision for the conference, it will be up to each member college to follow their administration's guidelines regarding on campus activities. If teams do practice, it is imperative to follow the CDC guidelines on social distancing and other preventative measures..." 

  • 3/13/20 | 11:00 a.m.
    • LBCC trip to Eastern Washington to play Walla Walla and Columbia Basin is canceled. 
  • 3/12/20 | 5:00 p.m.
    • LBCC has released information for students and staff about plans moving forward for the next few weeks. The College information page on the COVID-19 response is here. Specific details about the impacts for LBCC baseball are not immediately clear, and will also depend upon NWAC discussions, recommendations and decisions coming over the next few days.  
  • 3/12/20 | 12:00 p.m. 
    • LBCC made the decision to not travel its baseball team to Yakima Valley this weekend; games are canceled. 
  • 3/12/20 | 12:00 p.m. 
    • The NWAC in conjunction with both the Linn Benton Community College and Clackamas Community College administrative teams decided  to cancel the NWAC Men's and Women's Basketball Championship Tournament. More